Seventy’s Cycles nace de la intención de volver a una vida más pausada, en la que poder disfrutar de los pequeños momentos no sea algo puntual. Elegimos el 70 como indicador de épocas pasadas, de la vuelta a lo artesanal y cercano, del trabajo bien hecho y del icono “Slow Life” pero también ayudaron en la elección porcentajes que llamaron nuestra atención.

¿Sabías que el 70% del espacio público de nuestras ciudades está destinado al uso del coche? Pues así es, ese vehículo que emite el 70% de los gases que emitimos a la atmósfera es el responsable de tantas aglomeraciones.

Seventy’s nace con el propósito de reinvertir esos porcentajes ahora que la actualidad lo demanda. Creemos en otra sociedad, en una ciudad dominada por las bicicletas y los espacios verdes, sostenible en el tiempo para que las generaciones futuras puedan disfrutar de una urbe cosmopolita, cercana y llena de vida.


Seventy's Cycles is born of the intention to return to a more leisurely life to enjoy the small moments . We chose 70 as an indicator of past ages a return to the artisan thing and close, to a well done job and toward "Slow Life" icon but also helped in the choice percentages that caught our attention.

Did you know that 70% of public space in our cities is destined to use the car? Well yes, that vehicle that emits 70% of the gases we emit into the atmosphere is responsible for many crowds.

Seventy's created with the intention to reinvest these percentages now present demands. We believe in another society, in a city dominated by bicycles and green spaces, sustainable in time for future generations can enjoy a cosmopolitan, close and full of life city.

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  • | BICYCLES |

    How does the 2 Speed Sturmey Archer gears work?
    The 2 Speed Sturmey Archer gears works automatically to minimize pedalling and is ideal for navigating the traffic of the urban environment. here are no cables and maintenance has been virtually eradicated.

    What type of batteries does my Lightskin stem use?
    The LightSkin stem uses two AA batteries, which Seventy’s Cycles includes with the seatpost.

    What will be in my ordered Seventy’s Cycles box?
    When you receive your Seventy’s Cycles bike you are receiving a high quality handmade bespoke Spanish product. The box that accompanies the bike will contain a bag with all the tools and other possible bike parts that you might need. The pedals, the invoice and the guarantee warranty will also be included in the box.

    How much does a Seventy’s Cycles bike weigh?
    The weight can vary depending on the model. However none of our models weigh more than 11,9 kg.

    What do I have to do to maintain my Seventy’s Cycles bike?
    Your Seventy’s Cycles bike will require minimal maintenance; you will only need to regularly check the air tyre pressure and the brake tension. The hub will not require any maintenance on your part.


    Can I buy any other Brooks England products that you don’t have on your web page?
    Yes, we can sell you any Brooks England product that you need. Write to us at info@seventyscycles providing us with the details of the product you are interested in.


    How do I know that the size of the bike is correct?
    On the far right of every bike model on our website, there is a Size Guide that will help you to choose the correct size. If your height is lower or higher than available on our Size Guide , please write and we will be able to answer your questions. If you have any concerns about which size is appropriate for you then please send an email to info@seventyscycles.com, we are more than happy to help.

    What is the Seventy’s Cycles online shopping process?
    Once on our web page, you simply need to choose the model you like and once you’ve selected your bike, follow these steps:
    1| Select the appropriate bike frame size according to your height and click on “ADD TO CART”. If you have any doubts about the size, you can go to our Size Guide.
    2| The next stage is for you to choose your preferred Brooks England saddle. Due to the high quality of these saddles we are confident that you can’t make a wrong choice!
    3| Next you have the option to keep or change the recommended style of handlebars for your bike.
    4| The final stage in choosing your bespoke bike is the decision if you want a front brake. As standard all our bikes are fitted with the contrapedal bike system on the rear wheel as well as an internal 2 speed gear change. Seventy’s Cycles do recommend, for more effective braking, that a front brake is added. We can assure you that the front brakes will not compromise the classic aethestics of the bike. If you decide not to have front brakes, at this final stage please select “NO BRAKES”.
    5| Now is your opportunity to add any accessories that will increase the comfort of your ride. Whether it’s a handmade leather bag that fits over your bike frame, or a rear storage bag or a front rack attached to your front brake all of these accessories will complement your urban bike. Please note that the front rack can only be added if you have selected to have a front brake as the front rack attaches to the front brakes to minimize visual complexities to your bikes classic style. If you select any of our accessories, the products will be added to your shopping basket. Once have completed your selections, you just click on the shopping basket in the upper right hand order to purchase your order.
    To finalize your purchase, complete the required information and then the transaction will be completed via PayPal (one of the most secure purchase methods on the internet).

    That’s everything! We will then start to work on creating your Seventy’s Cycle with care, consideration and speed, because we know that you will be counting down the days to ride your new toy and we don’t want you to feel like you’re waiting forever! However, please bear in mind we are building your bike exclusively for you and that the time from ordering to delivery will vary depending on our current workload.

    Is there a weight limit that Seventy’s Cycles can carry?
    No, there is a Seventy’s Cycles bike for everybody regardless of their physique. Remember if you are very tall or very short you can contact us and we will adjust your bike frame according to your personal needs.

    What payment methods can I choose from?
    At the moment there are two payment methods:
    A| Bank transfer: When you order is completed, send us an email at info@seventyscycles and we will provide our account details as well as an explanation of the process.
    B| Paypal: Payments can be made by credit card via PayPal. PayPal is a secure, reliable and a worldwide recognised payment system. Your payment details will never be given to Seventy’s Cycles from PayPal to maxmise the security of your transaction. If you already have a Paypal account you can just pay immediately without re-entering any of your details.

    Can online purchases be returned?

    All Seventy’s Cycles products undergo quality tests before they are sent to the customer. If the customer themselves and not Seventy’s Cycles, assemble a bike or add parts to their bike such as gears, pedals and seat posts then it is the customer and not Seventy’s Cycles that is responsible for bad installation. Once the bike has been assembled it is the owner’s responsible to carry out any necessary steps with the appropriate tools to ensure the longivity of the urban bike. The customer is ultimately responsible for any incorrect bike assembling.
    Customer satifaction is our priority, if you are not satified with your order, you have 15 days after receiving any of our Accesories to return it. Seventy’s Cycles only works to order, each of our handmade products are made exclusively for each of you. As a consequence it is not possible for our bikes to be returned to us are they have been specifically configured by and for you. In the event that you receive a damaged bike, please notify us immediately and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    For all other products, there are 2 types of return methods:

    · Voluntary returns
    Products can be voluntarily returned if a customer is not satisfied with the received products due to them not meeting their expectations in regards to the colour, policy difference or any other reason.
    To voluntarily return items please complete the following:
    1| Contact us via email at devolunciones@seventycycles.com. State your name and order number, the name of the product you wish to return and the reason you wish to return it.
    2| Conditions of voluntary returns: The product should be in the same condition that it was delivered in and as far as possible the product must be kept in its original packaging and labelling. Under no circumstances can a voluntary return be accepted if the product has been used by the customer or the original packing has been damaged.
    3| Once the product has been received by Seventy’s Cycles and the conditions explained in point 2 have been met, if everything is correct then we will refund you the cost of the product, excluding shipping cost and this will be specified to you in response to the email that was sent to the returns specific email in point 1.
    · Returns due to incident
    These returns are when a customer receives a product in poor condition (there is a defect in the product or it has been damaged in transit). Don’t worry as the return process is very easy. Please contact us via email at devoluciones@seventyscycles.com and state your name, order number and reason for returning the product. The process is the same as the Voluntary Returns, however in cases of Returns due to incident Seventy’s Cycles will cover the return shipping cost

  • | SHIPMENT |

    How long will it take until I receive the ordered products?
    · For our bikes: From the moment that you choose your Seventy’s Cyles bike until it arrives in your home, our team will work very hard to get your bike to you as soon as possible. However, the team has to complete a number of tasks from cutting and sanding the Colombus tubing to create your silver soldered bike frame. Once all of your exact requirements have been taken into account we will then proceed to assembly your bike. This includes building your wheel by hand, and creating the hand-made handlebars of your choice and then lastly carrying out a final quality test.
    This means that from the moment you submit your order until the product arrives on your doorstep 3 weeks could have passed. Depending on the teams workload, this waiting time could be slightly more or less.
    If you require a product in a hurry for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries at any time of the year, please email us at info@seventyscycles.com and we will endeavour to reduce the waiting time as much as we can.
    · For the rest of our accessories: From submitting your order until delivery, the time will be 6 weeks. However, depending on the product, this time could be reduced. We will inform you when your order is ready.

    Can I track my order?
    If you are so excited about the arrival date of your Seventy’s Cycles product that you can’t sleep, let us know and we will give you the most information we have about your order. Email us at info@seventyscycles.com.

    Can I change the shipping address after I have made the purchase?
    Yes, long as we haven’t sent the ordered product yet. Once you have received your order confirmation you can make changes by writing to us at info@seventyscycles.com with the details about your purchase and the new address.

    Can I buy my Seventy ‘s Cycles from anywhere in the world?
    Seventy’s Cycles ships products to the whole world. If your country are not included in our system, please contact us to give you a solution. Write us to info@seventyscycles.com.

    What are the postage costs for shipping to countries outside of Spain?
    The shipping costs depend on the Seventy Cycles products that have been chosen and current shipping and transport costs. Seventy’s Cycles doesn´t bear of the customs duties of each country.


    If some bike components become damaged and need replacing, can I order these individual components from Seventy’s Cycles?
    Yes, you can purchase all Seventy’s Cycles fitted as standard components individually. Please contact us at info@seventyscycles.com.

    How much do I inflate the wheels of my Seventy’s Cycles?
    The wheels must be inflated to the weight that is marked on the tyre builder, in our case we assemble wheels that are inflated to 4 bar pressure.

    If I have a technical problem, how do I fix it?
    If there is a problem with the frame please send it to us so we can assess the problem. For any other problems, please contact a trusted bike shop.

    Is any specific maintenance required for the wooden rimmed wheels?
    Ideally from time to time it is recommended that you push the heads of the spokes it prevent lose of tension. Otherwise no further special maintenance is necessary. Please note that we do not recommend that the wooden rims are exposed to rain or moisture for extended periods of time.


    Do Seventy`s Cycles bicycles have a guarantee?
    When purchasing a Seventy’s Cycles bicycle you are buying premium quality product, consequently we offer a lifetime warranty on the welding of your urban bike frame.

    How does the guarantee work?
    You will have to always keep your sales receipt and your warranty card stamped by us. If you find a problem with your Seventy’s Cycles frame you have to send us the bike and we can assess the problem and contact you.

    If I have purchased a second hand Seventy’s Cycles, is the guarantee still applicable?
    Yes, as long as you have the original receipt and the warranty card stamped by us, the bike frame has a lifetime warranty regardless of whether you are the original owner or not.

    If I paint or make any changes to my Seventy’s Cycles bike, is the guarantee still applicable?
    Any changes or modifications to the original Seventy’s Cycles bike will automatically cancel the guarantee.


    Will you share my personal information with any other third parties?
    Seventy’s Cycles want to stress that we do not share the private information of our customers, we have a strict privacy policy. You can be confident of this and fully trust us, we will not use your data for anything other than for completing and sending you your order. As stated earlier as we use PayPal as our payment system we will never know your bank details or your credit card, ensuring the preservation of your privacy. Seventy’s Cycles may use your email address to send you Seventy’s Cycles updates and offers but if you do not want to receive these emails , you can unsubscribe by emailing us at info@seventyscycles.com and we will remove your email address from our database immediately.