How long will it take until I receive the ordered products?
· For our bikes: From the moment that you choose your Seventy’s Cyles bike until it arrives in your home, our team will work very hard to get your bike to you as soon as possible. However, the team has to complete a number of tasks from cutting and sanding the Colombus tubing to create your silver soldered bike frame. Once all of your exact requirements have been taken into account we will then proceed to assembly your bike. This includes building your wheel by hand, and creating the hand-made handlebars of your choice and then lastly carrying out a final quality test.
This means that from the moment you submit your order until the product arrives on your doorstep 3 weeks could have passed. Depending on the teams workload, this waiting time could be slightly more or less.
If you require a product in a hurry for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries at any time of the year, please email us at info@seventyscycles.com and we will endeavour to reduce the waiting time as much as we can.
· For the rest of our accessories: From submitting your order until delivery, the time will be 6 weeks. However, depending on the product, this time could be reduced. We will inform you when your order is ready.

Can I track my order?
If you are so excited about the arrival date of your Seventy’s Cycles product that you can’t sleep, let us know and we will give you the most information we have about your order. Email us at info@seventyscycles.com.

Can I change the shipping address after I have made the purchase?
Yes, long as we haven’t sent the ordered product yet. Once you have received your order confirmation you can make changes by writing to us at info@seventyscycles.com with the details about your purchase and the new address.

Can I buy my Seventy ‘s Cycles from anywhere in the world?
Seventy’s Cycles ships products to the whole world. If your country are not included in our system, please contact us to give you a solution. Write us to info@seventyscycles.com.

What are the postage costs for shipping to countries outside of Spain?
The shipping costs depend on the Seventy Cycles products that have been chosen and current shipping and transport costs. Seventy’s Cycles doesn´t bear of the customs duties of each country.