How does the 2 Speed Sturmey Archer gears work?
The 2 Speed Sturmey Archer gears works automatically to minimize pedalling and is ideal for navigating the traffic of the urban environment. here are no cables and maintenance has been virtually eradicated.

What type of batteries does my Lightskin stem use?
The LightSkin stem uses two AA batteries, which Seventy’s Cycles includes with the seatpost.

What will be in my ordered Seventy’s Cycles box?
When you receive your Seventy’s Cycles bike you are receiving a high quality handmade bespoke Spanish product. The box that accompanies the bike will contain a bag with all the tools and other possible bike parts that you might need. The pedals, the invoice and the guarantee warranty will also be included in the box.

How much does a Seventy’s Cycles bike weigh?
The weight can vary depending on the model. However none of our models weigh more than 11,9 kg.

What do I have to do to maintain my Seventy’s Cycles bike?
Your Seventy’s Cycles bike will require minimal maintenance; you will only need to regularly check the air tyre pressure and the brake tension. The hub will not require any maintenance on your part.